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The Night Before The Day Of….

Tomorrow is the big day. Go here for information on where to park, and here and here for how to Skype in and say hello if you can’t be there in person.

Anonymous sources report there might be a social event tonight at the Moerlein Lager House at 6:00, something about a milestone birthday for one of our classmates.

Eric & O'SheaShawn John & KathyPlease celebrate responsibly…or, at least, more responsibly than we did 25 years ago.

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Lisa Hathaway

Lisa HathawayContributed by Lisa Hathaway.

After law schooL I worked in risk management at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus. Ohio. I then went to Baker & Hostetler  in Columbus and primarily worked in the areas of litigation, regulatory, and health care. In 1994, I went in-house with HCR, which is now Manor Care, in Toledo Ohio. Manor Care owns nursing homes, hospices, and similar facilities. I worked over five years in the legal department and then took a position on the business side for another five and a half years and was National Director of Managed Care Contracting.  In that last position, I had a staff and we negotiated all of the managed care contracts. did credentialing, and I traveled a lot, covering 32 states.

I lived in Toledo for a year when working for Manor Care, and then moved to the Ann Arbor/Northville and Novi areas. In the spring of 2004. I moved to Florida, to work for Florida Blue, the plan side, and hold the position of Assistant General Counsel. I support the delivery area, work on provider agreements (hospital and ancillary), support the care, delegation, credentialing areas, work on complex vendor arrangements, retail and specialty pharmacy, Medicare Advantage and Part D, and complex accounts receivables.

I am active as a volunteer and on several boards. I very involved with American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA). and have served on the Board since 2010, and am now serving my second three year term, and I also several on several committees and am Co-Chair of the Plan Institute for 2015. Before serving on the AHLA Board, I was Chair of the AHLA Payors, Plans and Managed Care Providers practice group (“PPMC”) for three vears. and prior to this was Vice Chair of Membership for PPMC for 6 years. I frequently speak for AHLA and the Blues at educational conferences and occasionally author articles. I am also on the Board of the local North Florida Multiple Sclerosis Society, and run the Florida Blue bike team. I am on the Board of the local chapter of the North Florida Association of Corporate Counsel.

I continue to love sports. concentrating on long distance riding. golf, swimming laps. kayaking. Yoga and Pilates. I am retired from running marathons and playing a lot of soccer.

I don’t have any kids, but I am known for spoiling my niece and nephews. I have a great dog, Coda, and a small cat, Abbey.

Memories From Law School

Contributed by Diane Chermely

-Attending a welcoming party for our class with the Law School Dean, administration and faculty when the campus police showed up due to open containers of beer.  You would have thought somebody at the “law” school would have considered that when hosting an outdoor party.

-Cleaning a bath room at a temporary housing location with Sue Ellen Swift despite being told we did not have to because we just could not shower in a “green” tub.

-The all night euchre tournament at the law school dining area and Pat Brown’s euchre dance.

Rugby Fan-The “Malpractice Bowl” rugby game against the UC medical school’s team.

-“Law Aerobics” with Kathy Boller-Koch.

-The game room at the library during exam weeks.

-Having Cris Collinsworth in our classes.

-Regina Alberini going out with Jimmy Buffett.

-Going to Professor Alphonse Squillante’s contracts class on the first day when he had two upperclassmen secretly there to argue a case while wondering “how did they do that” and “I hope he does not call on me next”.  All the former “Cubs” should appreciate that.

-The dreaded blue books.

-Enjoying the pepperoni pizza lunch special at Papa Dino’s with Kim Saylor, Jim Weinandy, Steve Callejas and Bruce Squillante.

-The fish statute in the law library.

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The Tortfeasors

Is that a hornbook, or Vince Lombardi's playbook?

Is that a hornbook, or Sam Wyche’s playbook, that Coach Kevin is studying?

“The Tortfeasors” was a team formed by Kevin McMurray from members of our class to compete in the UC intramural no-contact touch football league.  The other team members were (as best I remember) Julian Bell, Joe Brooker, Greg Claycomb, Ken Kreider, Troy Morris, Andy Natale, Sean Organ, Don Rafferty, Tom Stachler, and, most surprising of all, your pathetically unathletic humble narrator.  Jeff Pyatt was also on the team during our first season.

Despite intense efforts, we were unable to acquire a cheerleading squad.

Don was easily the best athlete of the bunch, having actually played quarterback in college.  Early on, he had to learn to take a little of the zip off his passes so that the rest of the guys could catch them.

Most of our games were at night, in one of the fields next to Sander Hall. As far as I know the only photos taken of the team in a game were those published in the October ’88 Restatement.

Our fortunes mirrored those of the Cincinnati Bengals.  In the 1986 season, we had a respectable record but missed the playoffs.  In 1987, we sucked like a shop vac.  In 1988, we were a powerhouse, going unbeaten until we met the “Magnetic Healers,” a team of 1Ls and 2Ls organized by D. Orlando Ledbetter, in the postseason.  Like the Bengals against the 49ers in the Super Bowl a few months later, it was an epic battle that could have gone either way and wasn’t decided until the last seconds of the fourth quarter.

The 1988 season was also notable because Ken Kreider blocked a punt during one of our regular season games–what may have been the first (and only?) blocked punt in the history of UC intramural no-contact touch football.  It was a situation not covered by the rulebook, and it took the referees about ten minutes to figure out where to spot the ball.