John Jackson

Mary & John

John & Mary

Contributed by John Jackson

My wife Mary and I met in 1995 and married in 1997. That was the beginning of our “Brady Bunch”—my two kids (Zach (26) and Katelyn (24)) and her four kids (William (30), Joseph (28); Alex (26), and Patti Anne (23))–all of whom participated in our wedding–and later “our” daughter, Franny (16), to give us enough for a ball team. In seventeen years we’ve coached, organized and volunteered in, or brought our kids to, innumerable ball practices, games, matches, meets, plays, recitals, etc. and I wouldn’t trade it.   Two of our sons are married, one is semi-engaged and another is in a relationship with his motorcycle. Our three daughters are still pursuing their educations. By Fall 2015, we may have gone from full house to empty nest!

I practiced insurance defense for about 6 years after graduating and then lateralled to a commercial firm in 1996, which merged with my younger brother Bud’s firm in 1997. We’ve been there ever since. My practice has focused mainly on patent/trademark, products liability and general commercial litigation in various courts across the US, but also risk prevention. I chaired the firm’s Recruiting Committee for 7 years and am now on the Executive Committee. I’ve been involved in pro bono, civic and bar organizations, and currently am a singer/cantor at noon mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church


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