Joyce Lavender-Che

Joyce Lavender CheContributed by Joyce Lavender-Che

After graduation, I worked for the Ohio Attorney General for over 12 years. I was a volunteer mediator and Court-Appointed Special Advocate.  I was an Assistant AG as such I was counsel to OCRC, Medicaid Fraud Division & ODOT. I left the OAG  in 2001 to work for Allstate as a Staff Counsel. After a year at a private firm in 2004, I was asked to come back to Allstate and I leapt at the opportunity LOL!

l have been back at Allstate since 2005.  I am a defense trial lawyer and still loving it. It is very busy work, but a great place to work and grow. My clients:  anyone who has Allstate, Esurance or Encompass Insurance .

The picture was taken at bible school graduation in New Orleans with one of my non-biological sons.

Look forward to seeing all of you. Joyce


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