Sue Ellen Swift Salsbury

Sue Ellen & Scott

Sue Ellen & Scott

Contributed by Sue Ellen Swift Salsbury

There once was a law student from Warren.
Who sat in the back of class snoring.
She got a degree
And a job – or three
And friends with a lot of stories.

The first job was Roetzel & Andress.
Where her clients were sued for malpractice.
And railroads, and cars
And hospitals and bars
Any tortfeasors who had insurance!

The second was Progressive Insurance.
Working in-house: a new experience.
With travel galore
To Scranton and more
Multistate advice re insurance!

The third is Salsbury & Salsbury.
Getting along with her partner’s no worry.
Labor negotiation
Employment, retaliation
And nothing to do with insurance!

She has two lovely daughters who vex her
Also known as professional texters.
Helen and Ellie
Studious and silly
And their dad, Scott, who’s sooooooo glad he met her!



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