Kathy Boller-Koch

Contributed by Kathy Boller-Koch

My third year of law school, I interned with ProKids. I ended up working for them after law school and became their first chief attorney when we went to staff. From there, I accepted an appointment as a magistrate in Juvenile Court presiding over abuse cases. I will have 21 years as a magistrate in October. I also sit on the board of ProKids Steps to Peace, Family Violence Prevention Project, Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, and Hamilton County Child Fatality Review.

Kahy Katie & MikeMike & the boysKatie (25) is finishing up her master’s degree in Sociology at Aberdeen University in Scotland. She loves to travel-studied at Cambridge one summer and in Spain and Morocco. She also took a 3 day camel trip in the Sahara Desert. She worked with Scottish Parliament on passing their recent Equality Law and has been asked to help write and edit the educational material about the law to be distributed throughout the country. All that time in law school as an infant gave her a huge sense of justice. πŸ™‚

Kristopher (23) got his degree in Criminal Justice thinking he would go right in to law school. He did great on his LSAT (without studying) but decided he would rather teach so plans to get his masters in teaching.

Kyle (21) attends UC and is getting his degree in computer engineering.

Michael was an Anderson Township firefighter but had a minor knee injury in a fire and the “simple surgery” to fix it resulted in a staph infection the surgeon ignored that resulted in him developing osteomyelitis, spending 16 days in hospital, going through three emergency surgeries, and almost losing the leg. It’s been seven months since and he is much better and even walking well, but still can’t go back to work yet.


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