Julian Bell

Contributed by Julian Bell

After graduation I practiced law in Cincinnati until 1992 before moving back to Chattanooga to work in my family construction and real estate development business. I left my family business in 2000, went back to the practice of law for a few years, and since 2006 have been with Signal Energy, a general contracting design/build firm that designs and builds utility scale wind and solar farms for independent power producers and utilities across the U.S. and Canada. We started as a relatively small enterprise, and have grown to over 100 employees with a healthy client base. It’s a lot of fun and I work with a great group of people. With my position, I have been able to travel to all but 2 states, all but 2 Canadian provinces, and to South America, and I would not have had the opportunity otherwise. I hope to work here until retirement. Through my two stints of actually practicing law, I learned that I am much better suited to working in a business setting, and it has proven to be a great deal more satisfying.

Personally, I have two children, a son and daughter, and am fast approaching being an empty nester. My son, Baker, is a senior at Auburn, and my daughter, Riley, is entering the University of Tennessee in the second week of August. Baker is majoring in Building Science and is in Auburn’s co-op program.

JBB3 & BakerRiley will be majoring in 3-D art (sculpture) at UTK.

JBB3 & RileyI am immensely proud of them both. It’s sad to see your children leave for college, but also an exciting time as you watch all of your parenting efforts pay off (hopefully) in this last stage toward adulthood.

It hardly seems possible that 25 years have gone by since we were all together in law school. There were so many good times and so much camaraderie. I think that most of us learned a lot about how hard we really could work, and the intense sense of accomplishment that comes with that hard work. I wouldn’t trade anything for those days.


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