Judy Levy

Judy with Jeremy, Samantha, daughter-in-law _________, and adorable grandbaby ___________.

Judy with daughter-in-law Sarah, daughter Samantha, son Jeremy, and adorable grandbaby Zoey.

Contributed by Judy Levy

Since 1989 I have been a magistrate* in the Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court.  Although it’s sometimes a difficult task, trying to solve unsolvable problems, it’s also been a rewarding career for which I’m very grateful.  I have had the honor of serving on the  board of the Ohio Association of Magistrates for the past several years.

I was also able to have a second, part time career teaching business law at Cincinnati State for 21 years.  It was a real eye opener trying to explain complex legal issues (rules of civil procedure, the parol evidence rule, and such) in only a few sentences to students who were only taking the class because it was a requirement for graduation.  With that said, I really did enjoy teaching–most of the time.

In his blog, Michael Morley asked what advice we would give our children who might be considering law school.  Depending on your point of view, I’m either the best or worst person to give this advice as  I’m two for two. My son Jeremy (now 35; he was 8 when I started law school) graduated from the University of Toledo law school and has a pretty good general law practice in Toledo, Ohio. My daughter Samantha (23) is a 2L at our alma mater, UC!  She proudly wears my old “UC LAW RUGBY” sweatshirt along with my vintage “Woody’s” t-shirt.  She will be around the law school during our reunion.  If you meet her, please say nice things about me.  (If you don’t remember me, make something up!)

My law school experience was different than most of my fellow students as I had taken ten years off between my freshman and sophomore years of undergraduate school, making me a “non-traditional law student.”  As a single mom of an 8 year old I wasn’t able to socialize outside of school too often so I feel I missed out on making close friendships during that time and I sort of regret that. My best memories are of first year bonding with my section mates, attempting to be serious during study groups, participating in student court, and playing euchre in the lunchroom.

As I’ve been reading these personal updates on the blog I’m just amazed at the superstars that were in our class.  I’m really proud to have been a member of the class of ’89!

*Editor’s note: Unfortunately, that means we can’t quite call her “Judge Judy.”


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