Burt Warner

Burt & Leslie

Burt & Leslie

Contributed by Burt Warner

I have been employed for almost 25 years with the U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of Disaster Assistance (SBA ODA). I recently worked for 8 years in the Fort Worth, Texas office after 15 years working in Niagara Falls. In December of 2014 I was able to return to Western NY and work from our Buffalo, NY office. SBA ODA makes low interest loans to homeowners, renters and businesses of all sizes after federally declared disasters.

From 1996-2007 my duties were more managerial than legal, and I was happy to return to a primarily legal advisory role in 2007 after managing the Legal Department during Hurricane Katrina–during which we went from a staff of about 100 to 1350, including about 450 attorneys. I currently serve as the designated Ethics Official for all of SBA ODA, and fill my days with projects, research and other ad hoc and random assignments.

I married for the first time in 2004. Leslie is a Buffalo area native, and we were both happy to get back here in time to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in September. My only other responsibilities extend to two cats, Motu and Moorea, who, as children go, are just about my speed!


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