Ken Kreider

Kreider mugshotContributed by Ken Kreider

Despite all odds, and random comments to the contrary, I find myself still practicing at the firm of Keating Muething & Klekamp where I started after law school. After working in the bankruptcy area for a few years (remember the economy was #*!@&$* in those days), I settled in as a commercial real estate attorney. I made full partner in 1999, and got my title license around that time.


Emily, Pierce (12), Keene (11), and Quinn (7).  Ken was taking the picture.

Emily, Pierce (12), Keene (11), and Quinn (7). Ken took the picture.

I married Emily in 1990 and we lived in Over the Rhine for several years, moving to East Walnut Hills when it seemed like we should get around to having some children. Other than marrying Emily and having our three boys, my proudest achievement has been getting elected to the American College of Real Estate Lawyers in 2009 (during the third real estate slump of my career).

Our family enjoys lacrosse, baseball, opera, and traveling. I also enjoy home improvement projects, which are numerous in a 150 year old house, and drinking beer of all types.


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