Skype Call-In Information

It’s the 21st Century, you know, and through the magic of modern digital communications you can attend Saturday’s cookout even if you can’t physically attend Saturday’s cookout.

"Look, Mommy, it's Kandy Sue Heavilin Foley!"

“Look, Mommy, it’s Kandy Heavilin Foley!”

We’ve established a Skype account for the reunion under the name “Harold C. Cranchford.”  Between now and Saturday, start up your Skype application and use the search function in “Add Contacts” to set up a “contact” with “Mr. Cranchford.”  He’s easy to find–there’s only one Harold C. Cranchford from Cincinnati in the Skype system.  I’ll be logging in from time to time during the week to “accept” your contact requests.  Once the contact request is accepted, you’ll be able to call “Harold.”

"Palm trees in the law school atrium?  Wow, the place really HAS changed!"

“Palm trees in the law school atrium? Wow, the place really HAS changed!”

When Saturday rolls around, call “Harold” anytime between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm Eastern time, and you can videoconference with your classmates.  The Skype software can handle multiparty calls, but I still need to test how well that feature works with my hardware.  There may be a limit on the number of simultaneous calls we can handle without the computer collapsing into a sobbing heap.

If you need to set up Skype on your computer, go here for the download and instructions on how it works.  Or, just ask your teenager.


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