Memories From Law School

Contributed by Diane Chermely

-Attending a welcoming party for our class with the Law School Dean, administration and faculty when the campus police showed up due to open containers of beer.  You would have thought somebody at the “law” school would have considered that when hosting an outdoor party.

-Cleaning a bath room at a temporary housing location with Sue Ellen Swift despite being told we did not have to because we just could not shower in a “green” tub.

-The all night euchre tournament at the law school dining area and Pat Brown’s euchre dance.

Rugby Fan-The “Malpractice Bowl” rugby game against the UC medical school’s team.

-“Law Aerobics” with Kathy Boller-Koch.

-The game room at the library during exam weeks.

-Having Cris Collinsworth in our classes.

-Regina Alberini going out with Jimmy Buffett.

-Going to Professor Alphonse Squillante’s contracts class on the first day when he had two upperclassmen secretly there to argue a case while wondering “how did they do that” and “I hope he does not call on me next”.  All the former “Cubs” should appreciate that.

-The dreaded blue books.

-Enjoying the pepperoni pizza lunch special at Papa Dino’s with Kim Saylor, Jim Weinandy, Steve Callejas and Bruce Squillante.

-The fish statute in the law library.

-Skyline Chili, Graeter’s Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Uno’s Deep Dish Pizza, the potato crisp at Inn the Woods and Montgomery Inn Ribs.  (You can tell I love to eat.)

-Arguing traffic cases in Student Court and trying not to practice law without a license with the Tenant Information Project (TIP).

-Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International.

-Being taken back to Prof. Bert Lockwood’s first lecture at the Hooding Ceremony for the class of 1987 when justice said the law school Hooding Ceremony should have been Downtown but the law won.

-Coming back to Cincinnati in 1987 after returning home for the Memorial Day break to a dark cloud of cicadas.  They were literally everywhere.  I was afraid to get out of my car.

-Going to our third year retreat (Does anyone remember where that was?) and meeting Judge Nathaniel R. Jones.  The Judge came up to speak with me because I had on a YSU Penguin sweatshirt (His alma mater).

-All night Christmas shopping “until we dropped” with Shari Winget after our first semester finals.

-Tennis lessons with Sohaib Qadar.  Unfortunately for Sohaib, it was more like racket ball without a back wall.  Due to the high 90 degree temperatures that day, the lesson was very short.

-Getting involved with the local political scene thanks to Jan Katz who was always the person in the know.  She knew everyone.

-Lecturing Mike Schinner about the dangers of motorcycle riding.  Twenty-five years later, I not only love to ride on motorcycles but I have my endorsement and love to ride my own motorcycle.

-Showing up to UC’s Graduation Ceremony in 1989 (after our Hooding Ceremony) with Eric Kearney.  We were the only two who showed up to the ceremony.  By the way, who is Henderson?

-All the great people from our class, the classes ahead of us and the classes behind us.  UC Law School was a great experience.  I would not have changed a thing.

By the way, what was the name of our talent show tribute to the class of 1988?


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