Andy Donnelly

Andy with Joseph and Michael (taken a few years ago)

Andy with Joseph and Michael (taken a few years ago)

Contributed by Andy Donnelly.

I have been doing tax work since graduation.  After graduation, I began working in the Cincinnati office of KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms.  After nearly 3 years with KPMG, I moved over to American Financial Corporation.  After a couple of years at AFC, I began working in the tax department at GE Aircraft Engines in Evendale.  I started at GE in October 1995 and have been with the company ever since then.

In May 1999, I accepted a transfer and moved out to Connecticut to work with GE’s financial services businesses.  In June 2010, I moved back to Cincinnati and am currently a Tax Director at GE Aviation.

My career at GE has been very fulfilling.

While in Connecticut, one of my roles was providing tax support to GE’s leasing businesses based in the US and in Europe.  In this role, I made numerous trips to Europe (London and Dublin, mostly).  In a subsequent role, I had overall tax responsibility for GE’s Consumer lending businesses in the US, Latin America and Canada and was able to travel frequently to Toronto, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo  While the travel was great fun, being in the financial services business in the middle of the financial crisis produced many stressful days and nights.  I was fortunate when a tax position opened up “back home” and jumped at the chance to move back to Cincinnati.  I have been back for a little over 4 years, and have loved every minute of it!

On a personal note, I have been divorced for over a year.  My son Joseph (19) will be going into his junior year at Ohio State, and my son Michael (15) will be starting his junior year at St. Xavier High School.


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