The Tortfeasors

Is that a hornbook, or Vince Lombardi's playbook?

Is that a hornbook, or Sam Wyche’s playbook, that Coach Kevin is studying?

“The Tortfeasors” was a team formed by Kevin McMurray from members of our class to compete in the UC intramural no-contact touch football league.  The other team members were (as best I remember) Julian Bell, Joe Brooker, Greg Claycomb, Ken Kreider, Troy Morris, Andy Natale, Sean Organ, Don Rafferty, Tom Stachler, and, most surprising of all, your pathetically unathletic humble narrator.  Jeff Pyatt was also on the team during our first season.

Despite intense efforts, we were unable to acquire a cheerleading squad.

Don was easily the best athlete of the bunch, having actually played quarterback in college.  Early on, he had to learn to take a little of the zip off his passes so that the rest of the guys could catch them.

Most of our games were at night, in one of the fields next to Sander Hall. As far as I know the only photos taken of the team in a game were those published in the October ’88 Restatement.

Our fortunes mirrored those of the Cincinnati Bengals.  In the 1986 season, we had a respectable record but missed the playoffs.  In 1987, we sucked like a shop vac.  In 1988, we were a powerhouse, going unbeaten until we met the “Magnetic Healers,” a team of 1Ls and 2Ls organized by D. Orlando Ledbetter, in the postseason.  Like the Bengals against the 49ers in the Super Bowl a few months later, it was an epic battle that could have gone either way and wasn’t decided until the last seconds of the fourth quarter.

The 1988 season was also notable because Ken Kreider blocked a punt during one of our regular season games–what may have been the first (and only?) blocked punt in the history of UC intramural no-contact touch football.  It was a situation not covered by the rulebook, and it took the referees about ten minutes to figure out where to spot the ball.


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