Where Are They Now? – Professorial Edition

In case you were curious about what happened to some of your favorite (or not-so-favorite) professors, here’s what I was able to find about some of them:

Professor Ken Aplin, winner of six Goldman Prizes for excellence in teaching over the course of his career, died in 2006.

Professor John Applegate is now at Indiana University.

Professor Joseph Biancalana retired in 2010 after a distinguished career at UC, during which he wrote the book–literally!–on the history of English property law.  The Fee Tail and the Common Recovery in Medieval England 1176-1502, published in 2001, is considered one of the most important works of legal history scholarship ever put to print.  Professor Biancalana now lives in Massachusetts.

Professor Jean Braucher is now at the University of Arizona.

Professor Gordon Christenson is now a Professor and Dean Emeritus. “Emeritus” means that he retired in good standing, but still hangs around the law school and does some teaching or scholarship part time.

Professor Ken Dau-Schmidt teaches at Indiana University.

Professor Myron Grauer is at Capital University in Columbus, where he is the Acting Associate Dean for Graduate Law Programs.

Professor Kathy Goldwasser is now at Washington University.

Professor O. Fred Harris, whose torts hypothetical about the dog with the mile-long leash is the stuff of legend, taught at the University of Illinois for a long time and wrote a hornbook on warranty law.  He seems to have retired, or at least gotten out of teaching.

Professor Nora Lauerman died in 2000.

Big MacProfessor Bert Lockwood is still at UC, and still heads up the Urban Morgan Institute.

Professor Robert Martineau is a Professor Emeritus.

Director of Legal Research and Writing Barbara McFarland is now Professor McFarland, Director of Student Success Initiatives, across the river at Chase.

Professor Beverly Moran is at Vanderbilt University, where she is simultaneously a professor of law and a professor of sociology.

Professor John Murphy is a Professor Emeritus.

Professor William Rands is also a Professor Emeritus, and reliable sources indicate he still doesn’t wear a tie.

Professor Ronna Schneider is still at UC.

Professor Michael Solomine is also still at UC; he’s one of the editors of that perennial favorite of litigators, Anderson’s Ohio Civil Practice.

Professor Joseph Tomain was dean for fifteen years before going back to being a plain old professor at UC.

Associate Dean Barbara Watts is now the Associate Dean Emerita.

Professor Glen Weissenberger was at UC for 27 years before taking the job of Dean at DePaul University College of Law in 2002.  He was reappointed to a second five-year term in 2007, then fired two years later after disclosing information to the ABA accreditation committee that the university provost preferred to keep on the down-low.  The termination was “universally condemned.”

Professor Ann Woolhandler has been at the University of Virginia since 2001.


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