The Mooters

Moot Court TeamContributed by Betsy Heintz Wood.

Far from the hallowed, cite-checking domain of the illustrious Law Review, in a darkened upper corner of the law school building, lay the lair of that “other” group, the Moot Court Board. Originally, I signed up for this course for the legal writing credits, but it turned into one of the most enjoyable of my law school experiences. Although it solidified my knowledge that I had no interest in ever becoming a litigator, the skills I picked up in persuasive speaking and thinking on my feet still serve me well today in my practice.

Here are some of my memories of “the Mooters”:

  • Our absent friend, Greg Claycomb teaching Jay how to sound out syllables by clapping his hands.
  • Bouncing John Jackson’s son, baby Zach in the moot court office–the first exposure many of us had to a baby!
  • Being called “haughty” by one of the judges after Regi Alberini and I were sure we had just won the competition.
  • Jay Clark and Cheryl Carson winning the national tax competition.
  • My Section 3 pal Tom Jacobs discovering that he spent his entire oral argument flipping the judges the bird with both hands as he made his many valid points with hand gestures.
  • Cathi Kelly’s obsession with Michael Jordan.
  • Having to plan ahead to get access to one of the computers, then saving our competition briefs on floppy disks.
  • Our 2L competitors arriving at their 7 am Saturday practice argument in bathrobes and hair curlers to protest its early time.
  • Learning that addressing a judge “with all due respect, your Honor,…” is really just a preface to insulting the judge.
  • Late night trips to the Dalton Street Post Office to make sure briefs were postmarked by the deadline.
  • Many other late nights of slap happy exchanges with teammates finalizing arguments and briefs.
  • Being amazed by Michael Pettry’s and Colin Connor’s impressive water skiing and kneeboarding skills during our group houseboat trip to Lake Cumberland in the days between the end of classes and our hooding ceremony.

I am sure there are many more than I remember, but great friendships and memories from a great law school experience!


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