Janyce C. Katz

Contributed by Janyce C. Katz

After 24½ years as an Assistant Attorney General at the Ohio Attorney General’s office, I decided to try to find out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

During my years as an AG, I argued thousands of cases, most before various administrative boards, but thirty seven (mostly state and local tax) were before the Ohio Supreme Court and several before Federal District Courts. Most recently, I rewrote and wrote 144 new rules for The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, and rewrote most of the laws now stalled in the General Assembly as H.B. 410. I also advised boards, wrote some contracts and RFPs and reviewed others for legal status.

The law was not my first career. At this point, I don’t know if it will be my last career or if I will be doing something else new, different and better. We will see.

Janyce and Mark

Janyce and Mark

I have a personal life these days, and I am very happy about it. My husband, Mark Glazman, and I have a small suburban ranch in a eastern suburb of Columbus called Berwick (just south of Bexley for those of you who know the area). Let me tell you how I met him. When I arrived in Columbus, I became very active in the general and Jewish communities. (I have chaired committees for the OSBA and for the CBA, been a VP for a community television station, and one of my synagogues, President and board member of LWVMC and NCJW and other activities.) Through volunteer work I did for the Russian immigrant community, helping to start and legally setting up a 501(c)(3) to better integrate them into the U.S. and to help the U.S. find out what skills and talents they had, I met and helped his aunt. It was perestroika, and he had been doing business in and out of the U.S. She told him to come quickly to meet me.

To shorten a long story,…

…it was close to love at first glance, and now I am married to a wonderful, wonderful man. Mark and I have been married for over 22 years. He has his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, and has focused on inventing and developing a product that controls asthma symptoms and stops molds without side effects to people. We also own a few pieces of real estate that he manages. He came with a son, now a graduate of the accounting program, Fisher Business College, The Ohio State University, and living on his own, independent of us.

Now I am doing whatever legal work comes my way and trying to think what I will do next. As you know, I have reinvented myself before. That was law school. So, who knows what the future will bring? I never would have imagined living in Columbus, Ohio for 25 years, let alone loving it and loving being part of various communities in it. The next steps are coming.

After two bouts of lymphoma, the last one 14 plus years ago, I know that life is special and wonderful. I treasure every day and try to remember to treasure the minutes, even the irritating ones.


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