To Absent Friends: Beth Musser

BethContributed by H.A. Musser

Beth and her husband, H.A. Musser, had two boys before Beth started law school.  Joel was one year old and Austin was three.  Beth originally intended to attend Chase due to caring for the boys, but then applied to UC at the last minute and started off part-time.  She decided to finish with her class, taking additional classes toward the end to make graduation.  She was often seen around the school with the boys in tow whenever her sister/babysitter needed time off.

After law school, Beth set up office in her basement doing wills and deeds for church members and neighbors who couldn’t afford a lawyer.  During law school and afterward, she clerked for Mayor Ted Berry who was on the Board of the Cincinnati Southern Railway.  She continued working with Mayor Berry after school until her death.

Beth had received her diagnosis of melanoma before she entered law school and had successfully completed treatment to battle the cancer.  After law school, at her 5 year check-up, it was found that the cancer had returned.  She was brave in her final battle, holding strong to her faith in Jesus.  Her biggest worry was who would take care of her boys.  When at peace that H.A. was fully capable, she went home to the Lord on January. 31, 1992.

Austin, now 32, followed his mother’s passion for the law by attending William & Mary Law School.  He is now a lawyer with FBT and is married to Meggin, who is also a lawyer.  They live in Pleasant Ridge.  Austin and Meggin have 2 kids, Elizabeth “Lizzie” (named after Beth) (6 months) and Michael (2 years).

Joel, now 29, majored in economics at Hillsdale College and worked for a couple of years at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance in Rookwood, where he met and later married Nancy, a Xavier grad.  He now works at Chase Bank in Montgomery, and recently passed his Certified Financial Planner credentialing exam.  Joel and Nancy live in Kennedy Heights. They have a 15 month old, Joel, Jr., and twin girls, Natalie and Brianna.

H.A. remains close to Beth’s family from Kentucky.  He married Rhonda 20 years ago, and had 2 more children with her, whom Beth’s family treats as their own.

Please share your memories of Beth in the comments.


7 thoughts on “To Absent Friends: Beth Musser

  1. Beth (Musser) Wren

    Wonderful! Beth, my sister-in-law, was my inspiration for finishing college after I had a child. I graduated in 1995, the year my daughter finished kindergarten. I still miss her.

  2. Doris Musser President & CEO of Santa Maria Community Services in Cincinnati.
    What better way to honor Beth than contribute to this extremely worthwhile

    1. Virginia Wright

      We miss her every day, but H.A. was fortunate to find Rhonda and give us a new daughter not to replace but in addition too and two more wonderful grandchildren to love.

  3. Carol Musser

    Beth had a lot of practical wisdom, and I still remember some of her advice today. She was a great mother, a devoted student and a caring professional.

  4. Elizabeth Musser

    When I married H.A.’s brother, Paul, I became the second ‘Elizabeth Musser’ in the clan. What a joy to get to know and love ‘the other Elizabeth’. Beth (‘Beeze’) was an amazingly gifted and courageous young woman who was greatly loved. Thank you for this tribute to a wonderful woman.

  5. Julie W. Shepherd

    Our 40th class reunion takes place tonight at Blue Licks State Park. We will observe a moment of silence for our former classmate, friend, and neighbor, Beth. She is singing in the heavenly choir now, but while here on earth, she and I kept the school bus singing, too. Beth is still missed.


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