The Spuds

Remember the Spuds, the all-women team (named after the Budweiser spokes-dog?) that played in the law school intramural basketball tournament?  As team founder, general manager, head coach, offensive coordinator, general counsel, and promotions director Judy Levy describes it:

Only short people were drafted to play on our team. Never having played basketball, we even had scheduled practices before the tournament so we could learn some plays. We were like the short, untalented version of the Globetrotters!

Spud shirtWhat the Spuds lacked in vertical reach and basketball ability, they made up for with jazzy team uniforms (photo at right) and an unorthodox style of play.  The team’s most successful offensive tactic was the “Spud Swarm,” where Spuds on the bench spontaneously joined their teammates out on the court in the ultimate “flood the zone” maneuver.   They also frequently threatened to pull their opponents’ shorts down.

I may not remember the score (as if we actually might have made any baskets), or everyone that was on the team, but I definitely remember the wonderful time we had.

Share your Spud memories in the comments.


One thought on “The Spuds

  1. Suzanne Wynn

    Thank you for the picture – I didn’t remember that we had shirts. I do remember stealing the ball from the Taxprof ( during our one and only game against the faculty team. I think there are pictures somewhere of the game, and of our one and only practice over at the Fieldhouse.


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