Mary Lee (Franke) Schiff

Lee and her daughter Maggie hitting the slopes

Lee and her daughter Maggie hitting the slopes

Contributed by Mary Lee (Franke) Schiff

After law school I moved to Evansville, Indiana to take a job with the law firm of Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn. I made Partner fairly quickly concentrating my practice in the area of labor and employment law. I changed firms in 1995 and I am now a Partner at Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel & Shoulders located in Evansville.

I married later in life and fortunately, 4 wonderful children came with my husband — two boys (Jacob, 35, & Caleb, 32) and two girls (Rachel, 30, & Hannah, 28). Mike and I then had twins (Maggie & Michael, 14) to round out our crew of six. We live on 15 acres of property surrounded by a lake in Elberfeld, Indiana. Our four older children live in other cities, so currently our day-to-day life revolves around our twins and our practices. We have been truly blessed both professionally and personally.

We love to have visitors to the house so if anyone is up for a visit, come on down, up or over.


One thought on “Mary Lee (Franke) Schiff

  1. Bill Tomblin

    From Bill Tomblin (Class of 1987). Lee, glad to hear that all is going so well for you, and that your life has been so fruitful and successful. I live in Denver with my wife and two girls, although I still commute to Michigan to operate my firm, specializing in commercial litigation and real estate. Hope to see you again, one day. Best wishes, Bill


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