To Absent Friends: Greg Claycomb

GregGreg Claycomb was one of the more outgoing members of that collection of strong personalities known as Section 6, and quickly made friends with just about everyone within a hundred yards.  He was a member of Moot Court and wrote The Restatement’s “Faculty Spotlight” column, showing a real gift for capturing the human side of the professors he interviewed.

He also had a quick wit and a ferocious sense of humor.  Greg was the guy who publicly declared before God, Professor Lockwood, and everybody else in our ConLaw I section that I was the “Michael M.” in Michael M. v. Superior Court of Sonoma County, 450 U.S. 464 (1981).

–Mike Morley

Please share your memories of Greg in the comments.


One thought on “To Absent Friends: Greg Claycomb

  1. Tom Seddon

    Greg helped get me a job at Funky’s Blackstone Grille, and into the poker games there after hours. Those games paid for most of my second and third year!


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