Tom Seddon

Tom Seddon Tom has probably set the distance record for members of our class, since he now lives on the other side of the world in Bendigo, Australia, and travels frequently to Europe and the U.S.

Bendigo was originally a gold-rush mining town, but it’s no ghost town today: the last census put the population at just under 83,000.  Since 2005, Tom has been the CEO of the Bendigo Trust.  The Bendigo Trust has restored, and operates as museums, much of the town’s infrastructure from boomtown days:

… a gold mine or two, …

Guess they don't call Austrailians "Diggers" for nothing!

Here’s Tom down in the Central Deborah Gold Mine with some Bendigo Trust staff members: Jill Moorhead (visitor services), Andrea Stringer (retail manager) Lawrie Jensen (tour guide) and Faye Gair (Tom’s supervisor secretary).

… a place of worship established by Chinese mine workers, …


The Bendigo joss House (Bendigo Trust photo)

…a decommissioned gasworks that operated from 1860 to 1973, …

Bendigo Gas Works

It’s a gas! (Photo from “Melbourne in Pictures”)

… and the streetcar system.

Be jolly, ride the trolley! (Wikipedia photo)

The Bendigo Tramways maintains its equipment in first-rate condition, and Tom’s crackerjack shop crew also restores historic trolleys for other cities.

Our classmate Tom is therefore something of a big wheel in the international streetcar business.

Checking out the competition at the Brussels Tram Museum.

Checking out the competition at the Brussels Tram Museum.



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