SBA Year-End Party, May 1988

The Spring 1988 SBA end-of-the-year party, and a few of our classmates, were mentioned in an Amazon Automotive blog post a few years back:

We congratulated the departing 3Ls and did all the other usual things law students did at SBA parties: called each other by the nicknames Don and Eric had “assigned” us, drank beer, groused about certain professors and the brutality of their exams, laughed at certain other professors and the pomposity of their lectures, discussed our summer jobs, drank beer, teased Geri about forgetting that Delaware was a state when she got called on the first week in Civil Procedure I, speculated about what happened to Max (who’d hadn’t come back to school after last summer), and drank beer….

Car Lust: “A little driving on a Saturday night….”


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