To Absent Friends: Jim Schaefer

Jim SchaeferOur classmate Jim died on October 28, 2014 after a long illness.  Following is the eulogy delivered at Jim’s funeral:

Intelligence sometimes gets in the way. For all of us. Old George – Jim’s dad – always reminded us that Jim was the most intelligent kid in the family. He was correct. But I still can’t figure out that Xavier High School thing.

Sometimes, all of us think that we know better than God. We don’t. And we don’t always know what God wants of us. This leads to confusion. We forget that our job here in our earthly life is to learn the will of God for our lives – and then to live according to God’s will. I know this is news for all of us since, as a people of faith, we’ve only known this for a few thousand years.

So, yes, the later years of Jim’s life were filled with confusion. How do I love my kids and my wife and still follow the path that I want to follow. How do I reconcile that call to duty for our country and duty to my family? How do I use my education and skills, but still hang out with my buddies and party? Yes, Jim had issues. We know that. We all have issues.

Jesus spent a lot of time healing people with issues….

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